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Sinclair SC229B

Low Band, Aviation, and VHF Antennas
SC229-L - PIM Certified Series


Also referred as: SC229DFLN
Collinear omni, 6 dBd, 6 MHz B.W., Low PIM, DIN-Female connector, 138-225 MHz
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Tapered fiberglass radome designed to withstand severe environmental conditions
6 MHz bandwidth with VSWR of 1.5:1, Low PIM
SMK-225A3 or SMK-225A7 recommended for side mounting

Recommend using SMK-225-A3 or SMK-225-A7 kits when side mounting antenna. Available from Sinclair separately.

The SC229-L series of antennas have been specifically designed for VHF applications requiring high performance, wideband and exceptional electrical and mechanical specifications. This series of omni-directional antennas are constructed
of a rugged fiberglass radome which allows them to withstand severe environmental conditions.

147.147 Repeater Antenna Tower Mounted

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Installing SMK-225A7 Mounting Kit.

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147.140 Repeater Antenna side mounted (Left)

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